RSQ MKP 1000




MKP-1000 is a new RSQ karaoke player that is very compact, yet very powerful. It can do all the functions that karaoke industry desires. You will enjoy your karaoke life at any place with MKP-1000. You can play CD+G, MP+G, and many other formats as you desire. You can always record your voice with your favorite songs and play back instantly at any time. Accessiblity of USB drive makes your karaoke experience a lot better. With MKP-1000, you will enhance your karaoke experience by far.

Player Features:
•Supporting Format : MP3+G, CD+G, DVD, VCD, MP3, Audio CD.
•MP3+G/CD+G Recording with Music & Voice
•Record singing with MP3+G, CD+G into USB
•Instant Recorded Song Playback
•Quick Song search by Alphabet
•Direct Access Playing by Song Number
•Song List Creator
•Digital Key Controller & Echo
•2 Microphone Inputs
•Aux Input
•Scoring Function


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